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US-China: Post G20 with Stephen Markscheid

Monday, July 15, 2019 at 5:30PM-8PM

Address: 333 S Wabash Ave.Suite 2700, Chicago, Illinois 60604

US-China brinksmanship has rattled markets and tariffs have rerouted supply chains. Yet, Trump and Xi shook hands and, at time of writing, seem to have found a route to improve relations. But will they? And, what can we expect to coming if the talks turn sour? China Expert Stephen Markscheid will bring his 40 years of cross cultural experience to flesh out a comprehensive economic perspective.

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Inspirational Her – Xi’an

April 18th – Xi'an The Global CSR Foundation recently attended the "Inspirational Her" 2019  China Women's Leadership Summit held by Zhaopin Recruitment in Beijing to promote the long-term development of women in the workplace (SDG goal #5: Gender Equality). The…

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Corporate responsibility – New York

2018 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Summit… From left: Zhou Nuomai of YOUniversity; Linda Stillman, chair of Young Global Leadership; Jing Zhao Cesarone, founder of Global CSR Foundation; Hassan El Kalla, chairman of the El Kalla Foundation; Jasmine Wang, co-chair of Worldview Global Cultural Alliance; and Yajuan Xu, manager of Eyas Kids Kindergarten, at a summit on corporate social responsibility held at the UN on Oct 30.
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