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“Hundred Birds Worshiping the Phoenix” Cloud Forum successfully convened

“Hundred Birds Worshiping The Phoenix” Cloud Forum Successfully Convened

On June 7, 2020, “Hundred Birds Worshiping the Phoenix” cloud forum was broadcast on ZOOM. Global CSR Foundation (GCSRF), in collaboration with World Women Organization (WWO), World Peace Development League, Social Entrepreneurs Star and Way Ahead Education Group convened outstanding female leaders from US and China to discuss the wisdom and social responsibilities of women in Post-COVID era.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has far-reaching impacts on the global economy, politics, culture, and people’s livelihood. However, while faced with challenges and crises, countries launch civilized dialogues and exchanges on a higher level and seek strategic cooperation.

Ms. Jing Zhao CESARONE, an overseas female entrepreneur who loves traditional Chinese culture and keeps her roots deep in China, is the initiator of this event. Ms. Zhao is the CEO of GCSRF and the Executive Secretary of WWO CSR Committee. In the process of seeking Chinese culture origins, Ms. Zhao hopes to unite more insightful people who are committed to traditional Chinese culture and will carry it forward for thousands more years.

The Forum was honored to invite Her Excellency Angela R.M., Secretary General of WWO, to give an opening remarks. Ms. Yao Zhengqin, Director of Swift Horse Public Welfare Peer Advisory Group, professional private director coach and Dean of Hu Yang Private Director College, served as moderator of the Forum.

GCSRF Chairman and Executive Secretary-General of the CSR Committee of the World Women’s Organization Zhao Jing announced at the meeting the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the “Beijing Declaration and Platform of Action” (1995) of the Fourth World Women’s Congress on September 15 and 16. The preparatory work for the World Conference on Women’s Development has officially started. The celebration is scheduled for a high-level political consultation between the heads of government on September 15th, with national-level exchanges on issues such as the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, women’s political, economic, and business participation. The event on September 16 will be open to the public and is planned to address eight issues: women and poverty, women and peace, women and health, women and education, women and economy, women and media, women and environment, and women’s power and decision-making Research and discussion.

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