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CEO of Global CSR Foundation Jing Zhao Cesarone spoke at “2020 Global Advocacy for Co-Existence on Earth” Cloud Forum

CEO Of Global CSR Foundation Jing Zhao Cesarone Spoke At “2020 Global Advocacy For Co-Existence On Earth” Cloud Forum

Beijing, April 22, from 8:30am to noon, Global Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation (GCSRF), the Heart Care Working Committee of the China Life Care Association, and Beijing Shifangyuan Charity Foundation jointly launched the “Companionship on Mother Earth: 2020 Global Advocacy for Co-Existence on Earth” Cloud Forum. The Form was divided into two major topics: “Earth Co-existence” Global Advocacy Ceremony and “Earth Co-existence” Global Cloud Forum. Guests from China, Singapore, the United States, Canada and other regions around the world spoke on the subject of ” Life Companionship, Home Earth”. They carried out in-depth dialogues and discussions on topics such as earth ecology, life education, and harmonious co-existence. Ms. Jing Zhao, CEO of GCSRF, and representatives from all over the world recited “Declaration of the Earth” during the cloud forum, promoting ” life’s companionship”.

Ms. Yue Yao briefly introduced the origin of the event and the guest speakers. Ms. Yao is a member of the Life Care Committee of the Life Care Association of China, a supervisor of the China Alliance of Social Value Investment, an expert in life education and a promoter of cross-border social innovation.

Most of the problems today are global, no country nor individual can stay out of it. Ms. Zhao said in her speech that this “special” Earth Day during a global epidemic provides us an unique opportunity, which is to improve the global public’s awareness of the well-being of the planet and all the lives it supports. As required by the 1992 Rio Declaration, we have a responsibility to promote harmony with nature and the planet, and balance human’s economic, social, and environmental needs. At present, COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc in various countries. Many countries have closed borders and ordered citizens to “staying at home”. People must take preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus, in so doing social and economic activities also stopped. However, the epidemic gave the planet an opportunity to breathe. Some scientists made the argument that the novel coronavirus may have even saved lives. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the annual deaths caused by air pollution in the world is 7 million.

In response to SDG 4-Quality Education, Ms. Zhao shared her own endeavors in online education. During the pandemic, children cannot go to school but “learning must go on”. SDG 4 aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, and to provide life-long learning opportunities for all people. In the face of the COVID pandemic, GCSRF participated in the social entrepreneur star contest. Jointly with ChildWise International and a number of educational institutions, GCSRF launched Future Education Track, hoping to re-examine the actual needs of individuals and society, enabling education to be the solution of current and future social problems that plague humanity. Challenges arose with the pandemic will give birth to innovative solutions and future-facing educational practices, as well as education leaders. The transformational learning methods will better meet the needs of social development and evolve with time.

At the end, Ms. Zhao and all the guests recited “Declaration of the Earth”. On this special Earth Day, all mankind is faced with the “shared destiny”. Let’s give our deepest gratitude to Mother Earth and our heartfelt blessings to all forms of life!

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