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Chinese Brands Emphasize Corporate Responsibility at United Nations

Chinese Brands Emphasize Corporate Responsibility At United Nations

United Nations – May 8th, 2019 The 2019 Global Corporate Social Responsibility and China Brand Development Forum, co-organized by the Global CSR Foundation and the China Brand Leaders Alliance, was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in celebration of China Brand Day (May 10th).

The forum, themed “Vision and Action from Today’s Chinese Companies on Social Responsibility”, brought together leading Chinese small- and medium-sized companies to discuss corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development initiatives for brands.

During the forum, thirty entrepreneurs from China shared their understanding of CSR, sharing their story of creating and developing international brands, together agreeing that having an excellent brand means more social responsibility, and in return, being socially responsible can build a better brand.

Jing Zhao Cesarone, the founder and CEO of the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation, told reporters: “The current limited number of international famous brands in China has greatly limited the expansion of Chinese brands in the international market. I hope more Chinese entrepreneurs can recognize that in order for enterprises to take off, in addition to the huge force that is technology, the great driving force of the brand must not be ignored.”

“The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility,” Li Nan, executive secretary general of the China Brand Leadership Alliance, said at the Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Chinese Brands Development Forum on May 8th at UN headquarters in New York.

According to the alliance’s data, in 2016, consumer confidence in Chinese brands was about 26 percent. In 2018, the number had improved to 54 percent.

Chinese entrepreneurs at the forum signed a declaration of Chinese brands to the UN, promising that future brand development will be founded on the principles of honesty and innovation, guided by environmental protection and energy savings, and underpinned by the concept of sustainable development.

John W. Allen, former vice chairman of the United Nations Business Council, said: “The Chinese economy is increasingly influencing and affecting the world. Accelerating the implementation of international brand strategies is greatly significant to the continued growth of both the Chinese and global economy.”

In 2017, the Chinese State Council chose May 10 as China Brands Day, raising the attention given to the importance of branding from corporate to the federal level.

“The key words in this new wave include innovation, green economy, equalization, sustainability, which in large part has coincided with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda. Therefore, it’s timely and critical for us to have this talk here at the United Nations,” Li said.

“Corporations have the ability to shape human development as never before through strategic investments, corporate policies and dialogue with governments and civil society; corporations have enhanced influence when people trust their brands, which is why brand trusting is very important,” said Bruce Knotts, chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee.

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