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Dr. Ping Zhuang


Summary: Dr. Zhuang has very extensive experience in environmental engineering, urban development, water and wastewater engineering, and solid waste management. Dr. Zhuang also has very rich experience in groundwater and soil remediation, river environmental restoration, as well as infrastructure investment related to project development, financing, implementation and operation/maintenance.

Since 2013, Dr. Zhuang let Easen to assist the New York City based infrastructure fund, I Squared Capital (ISQ), in its fundraising, deal sourcing, due diligence, investment and post investment operation etc., focusing on the environmental sectors. Gradually, Dr. Zhuang served as a full time Operating Director for ISQ starting in 2014, and also acting as the CEO for a water company in China on behalf of the fund. Dr. Zhuang has developed many projects for ISQ and managed the invested assets in China. His strength on local resource networking and government relation building has solved many operational issues for the operational assets as well as construction in progress (CIP) projects. These invested wastewater treatment projects under 30 years of concession are located in Henan, Heilongjiang, Shaanxi and Guangdong provinces etc. and the facility size ranges from 10,000 tons/day to more than 50,000 tons/day. Dr. Zhuang is also responsible for company operational reports including ESG training and reporting.

Since late 2006, Dr. Zhuang has led his Easen team to help a Spanish company (Tradebe) to develop many water/wastewater and municipal solid waste treatment BOT projects in China, and has accumulated very rich and practical experience in project sourcing, planning, BOT contract negotiation/bidding, project execution etc. Subsequently he led Easen team to conduct technical due diligence for many institutional and private funds on the water/wastewater and solid waste related sectors, with clients like IFC, Baring, Standard Chartered, Morgan Stanley, United Waters for rural area safe drinking water (Sweden based), I Squared Capital (US based), CVC, and the Asia Climate Partners etc. During that time period, he helped Baring selected and invested into the Chongqing City based Kangda Water that was later successfully listed in Hong Kong. He also helped and supported the Changsha City based Yongker Environmental Group to set up its research and development and get listed in Shenzhen eventually. Since 1998, Dr. Zhuang has been participated in many of the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) financed projects in Asia particularly in China and in Mongolia, in the capacity as a project director, a project manager/team leader, a staff consultant or a specialist. Most of these projects are related to sewage collection/interception/treatment/reclamation, water intake/treatment and distribution (water supply), municipals solid waste (MSW) transfer staions/sanitary landfill, municipal roads/bridges, rivers/lakes rehabilitation, central heating and rural area infrastructure development etc. In short, these are large and complexed environmental and infrastructure projects and Ping helped packaging, preparing and implementing these projects successfully. Ping is a US citizen and was awarded the title of “Outstanding Foreign Expert” in Hubei Province, China in 2000 (only 15 foreign experts received this title) and as a result of this government recognition of his valuable contribution to the infrastructure development in Hubei Province, he has been granted the esteemed permanent resident status in China.

As a Professional Engineer (P.E. in North Carolina and Florida), Ping have served on many wastewater treatment projects and resolved environmental compliance issues for many industrial and municipal clients in US. Before focusing on projects in China in 1998, he was also the city engineer of Cocoa Beach, Florida in USA in charge of many infrastructure improvement projects for the coastal city. In US, Ping has already published and/or presented more than 20 papers on international level of professional journals. Currently, Ping is the Chairman of Easen International, a US registered international consulting and engineering firm that is also registered in China. Ping is also one of the Founding Members/Board of Directors for the US based International Fund for
China’s Environment that is active providing policy advice, trainings and exchanges on environmental programs as well as founding to some NGOs in China. Ping has a Ph.D in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the United States; a B.S in Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering, and a M.S. in Environmental Engineering from P.R. China. He also attended an E-MBA program in Charlotte NC, USA. Ping also served as an adjunct professor in several universities and reputable research institutes in China.

Since 2018, Ping has worked with a Chinese environmental equipment manufacturer with the support from the Bill and Merlinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to research, develop and manufacture the reinvented toilets that are for locations without access to any sewage collection pipelines and to water supply pipeline. The effort is to develop and provide affordable sanitary toilets particularly for the poor that has no sewage collection and treatment service, meeting the newly formulated international standard for non-sewered sanitation system (NSS) ISO30500. Ping has worked in China and travelled to South Africa, India and other countries for exchanging ideas, understanding local conditions, improving the technology and promoting the reinvented toilets with the BMGF staff for global access, under the guidance of the BMGF’s theme of “All Lives Have Equal Value”.