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Through education, training and consulting programs, GCSRF provides corporations and cities with tools, know-how, resources and networks to achieve their self-defined sustainable development goals and become more responsible global citizens.

Towards that mission, GCSRF focuses on three main areas: education and training, design and implementing customized CSR projects, impact investing.

Education and Training

Working closely with stakeholders and experts, GCSRF understands the challenges, solutions and new trends related to SDGs. It is well positioned to provide educational content and design highly customized training programs to corporations and cities alike.

CSR Projects

Through the design and implementation of CSR programs that yield quantifiable and tangible results, assisting corporations to achieve business objectives and cities to implement its growth strategies. Initially, GCSRF programs will cover five specific areas: sustainability, education, women leadership, youth leadership, and innovation.

Impact Investment

Doing well while doing good has been widely embraced by financial institutions. GCSRF is both an educational advisor and an implementation partner to help corporations and financial institutions generate positive social and environmental impacts, while fulfilling fiduciary duties to shareholders, investors and employees.