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Global Leaders Redefine CSR During COVID-19 Pandemic

Global Leaders Redefine CSR During COVID-19 Pandemic

Global CSR Virtual Plenary Summit

New York and Beijing –

Within every crisis there is opportunity. Under the leadership of the Global CSR Foundation (GCSRF), thousands of participants at the Global CSR Virtual Plenary Summit reached a consensus that, now more than ever, corporate leaders need to build clear visions and take effective action to overcome an unprecedented pandemic with CSR toolkits. Throughout the 4-and-a-half hour online Summit, CSR experts from NGOs, multinational organizations, corporations, think tanks and academia shared innovative ideas and best practices across three continents.

The Summit was held online through a live Zoom webinar on May 28, 2020. A total of 30 CSR leaders from more than 6 countries/regions shared their case studies, research and opinions on CSR best practices during COVID-19 and redefining CSR Post COVID-19. More than 3 thousand participants joined the event and shared their thoughts in the Zoom chat box.

“COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the global economy, which no company or country could avoid. The virus is not bound by borders or race. At this critical moment, the international community needs to support each other, demonstrate love, and gather strength. Practicing CSR is more important now than ever, as it carries greater weight.” Jing Zhao CESARONE, the CEO of GCSRF said in her opening remarks.

Jing Zhao CESARONE, the CEO of GCSRF giving the Opening Remarks

Angela R.M., Secretary General of the World Women Organization (WWO), announced the establishment of the World Women Organization CSR Sub-Committee and New York Office. R.M. appointed Cesarone as Executive Secretary of the subcommittee. R.M. said during the Summit, “I look forward to working with our newly appointed Executive Secretary, Jing Cesarone, to further promote world women’s development. We will work closely to plan our next World Women Conference for Development (WWCD), which will review the status of women, promote the development of women and take action to further gender equality and women empowerment. “

R.M. also announced the celebration of 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995), which will be held on September 15th, 2020.

During the Summit, Dr. Padmini MURTHY, 1st Vice Chair of the Global NGO Executive Committee, DCG, discussed how women are facing more challenges during COVID-19. Emerging data shows that since the outbreak, violence against women and girls (VAWG) has intensified. For example, domestic violence has increased by 30% since the start of the lockdown on March 17.

WANG Xiaoguang, Director of the CSR Promotion Center of the China Federation of Industrial Economics, shared CSR cases and data during the pandemic. He went on to analyze new trends and challenges for global companies. WU Ting, Founder of Jiabin University, also shared Chinese companies’ innovative solutions and CSR best practices in their fight against the COVID-19.

Some of the speakers at the Summit. From top left, going across: Jing Zhao CESARONE, CEO of The Global CSR Foundation; Angela R.M. , Secretary General of the World Women Organization; Dr. Padmini MURTHY, 1st Vice Chair Global NGO Executive Committee, DCG; WANG Xiaoguang, Director of the CSR Promotion Center of the China Federation of Industrial Economics; LAW Yee Ping, Chief Strategy Officer of ChildWise International; LIU Min, Chairman of Global Chinese Benevolent Foundation; WU Ting , Founder of Jiabin University; Dr. Wale Idris AJIBADE, Founder and Executive Director of African Views Organization; John W. ALLEN, Founder of China Investment Group.

Other distinguished speakers included ZHAO Pu, Founding Partner of Pulei Capital; DU Yutao, Executive VP of BGI Genomics; LIN Weixing, Founder of Successful HR Group; GUO Yi, Expert of the Beijing Rongzhi CSR Institue; YAO Zhengqin, Founding Partner and Chairman of Jieloitte; LU Jianzhong, China President of Weir Group; ZHU Sha, COO of Global CSR Foundation; Claire KELLS, Senior Manager of UN Global Compact; Dwight N. HOPKINS, Professor at the University of Chicago; Stephen MARKSCHEID, President of International Association of Financial Education; John J. FORRER, Professor at George Washington University; Bekeme MASADE-OLOWALO, Chief Executive of CSR-in-Action.

The Global CSR Summit was organized by The Global CSR Foundation, with support by the World Women Organization, African Views Organization, and Beijing Rongzhi CSR Institute. Jiabin University was the Summit’s Strategic Partner. GTCOM provided the Summit’s Chinese-English simultaneous translation.

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