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Aikucun Supports Female Small Business Owners and Women’s Empowerment

Aikucun Supports Female Small Business Owners And Women’s Empowerment

Jing Leng (co-founder of Aikucun) speaks at the conference.

Jing Leng, one of the two co-founders of Aikucun, gave a keynote speech at the 2019 Conference on the Dignity of Rural Women and Social Responsibility of Global Corporations, at the Permanent Mission of the African Union to the United Nations in New York, on Tuesday, Oct 15. Tuesday was also the International Day of Rural Women. At the conference, Leng shared with the audience the vision of Aikucun to support the in- dependence and empowerment of women by creating distributor jobs for them on Aikucun.

Aikucun, a leading crowdsourcing-based distribution platform, was founded by Shanghai Zhongdan Information Technology Co, Ltd. in 2017. As a pioneer and leader of smart selling, Aikucun follows the distribution model of S2b2C, connecting individual resellers with supply chains of big brands. The platform helps brands optimize inventory management by using social commerce to make the transaction smooth and cheap. In this way, consumers can conveniently access high-quality goods at favorable prices. Currently, more than 5,000 well-known manufacturers and brands from all over the world have joined Aikucun, making over 100 million orders. More than 1.4 million distributors have together generated revenue of over 1.6 billion yuan.

Aikucun won the Global CSR Award at the conference for corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflected in its business.

Aikucun won the Global CSR Award at the conference for corporate social responsibility (CSR) reflected in its business. As addressed by Leng, “the intention of creating this platform is to help companies liquidate their inventory, and help people, especially women, make money, to achieve economic and personality independence.” She elaborated on this intention, with ample data, to the audience, showing them the harsh reality Chinese women face nowadays concerning employment. As Leng demonstrated, around 27% of Chinese women, who make up for one-fifth of the world’s female population, are unemployed. While for women in the workforce, their average income amounts to only two-thirds of that of men. To help women find a job and make more income, especially for those who wish to return to work after parental leave, Aikucun has been working to attract more female distributors and offer them a profitable job they can do at home without spending all their time.

“On one hand, we have helped hundreds of brand owners to professionally and efficiently solve inventory problems by optimizing brand inventory management and distribution channels, thereby revitalizing corporate capital flows, improving resource utilization efficiency, and ensuring sustainable generation and consumption patterns. On the other hand, we have created more than one million jobs to help distributors – most of them are women – increase their income, and even initiate a small business of their own,” said Leng.

Based on the company’s statistical data, 94% of its users, namely the distributors, are women. 54% of people on the platform regard Aikucun as their own small business and most of them have reached a monthly income of $420 to $1,400.

Leng said, “our original intention is to provide a fair distribution of resources for the majority of women and to promote the independent thinking and economic independence of them. Because we firmly believe that the emphasis on the dignity and development of women is not only a manifestation of social progress but also an important action that can promote the sustainable development of the society and the physical and mental health of human beings.”

Leng revealed to the audience two future goals of Aikucun. First, the company wishes to make itself one of the world’s leading crowdsourcing distribution platforms where consumers can easily purchase high-quality products from the world at an economical price. Second, the company promises to adhere to its principle, “Inspire Others to Succeed, and You’ll Be Successful.” Aikucun looks forward to helping a more significant number of women around the world to achieve mutual success and impress the world with the power of women.

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