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Kim Dai Builds a Technology Company with Social Responsibilities

Kim Dai Builds A Technology Company With Social Responsibilities

Wang Maolin ( founder and CEO of the Shenzhen Kim Dai Intelligent Innovation Technology Co, Ltd ) speaks at the conference.

Wang Maolin, founder and CEO of the Shenzhen Kim Dai Intelligent Innovation Technology Co, Ltd, gave a speech at the 2019 Conference on the Dignity of Rural Women and Social Responsibility of Global Corporations on Tuesday, Oct 15, at the UN in New York. In his speech, he addressed the urgency and necessity for the technology industry to take on social responsibilities to save energy and protect the environment.

Kim Dai Intelligence Innovation Technology is an innovative company based in Shenzhen, China. The company provides one-stop service of intelligent product development, industrial design, mechanical design, injection mold design and manufacture, plastic injection, SMT/PCBA, electronic finished product assembly and testing, quality management, and after sales service. Excelling in designing, building, and delivering smart products, Kim Dai is equipped with ten assembly lines, with monthly capacity over 500,000 sets of finished products. Products of the company include smart interactive robots for kids/ elderly, AR/VR, Drones, facial recognition access system, gimbal, and more.

Aside from his position as the CEO of Kim Dai, Wang is also the executive vice-president of Guangdong Robotics Association, the executive director of Artificial Intelligence Committee, and CEO of Shenzhen Obexx Intelligent Co, Ltd. Wang has a postgraduate diploma in product innovation and service from Hong Kong University. He has entrenched himself in manufacturing and industry for over 20 years, focusing on intelligent manufacturing and intelligent products industrialization.

Wang Maolin(Left) won the Global CSR Technology Advancement Award.

The conference awarded Wang the Global CSR Technology Advancement Award for his contribution to implementing corporate social responsibilities in technology companies. His endeavors may inspire other private sectors in the industry to consume and produce responsibly as well.

“We are here to learn,” Wang replied when asked about his participation in the global conference. “The consumption rate of natural resources is increasing, especially in East Asia. We need to take immediate action to stop resource depletion. Therefore, we need well-designed national policy frameworks and instruments to improve the current situation.”

Kim Dai has been following the lead of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals to increase energy efficiency and promote sustainable manufacturing. As introduced by Wang in his speech, Kim Dai is making efforts in the following three aspects: facilities, business ethics, and employee relations. The company utilizes intelligent mold design to reduce waste and lower energy consumption. To take on corporate responsibilities, Kim Dai collaborates only with supply chains of ethics and quality. What is more, Kim Dai values a healthy employer-employee relationship and the interests of employees. The company holds events such as family days when the staff may bring their children to the company in celebration of festivals like the Children’s Day.

Kim Dai is committed to building a customer-oriented manufacturing ecosystem so that more intelligent products can be truly launched, and mass production can be achieved quickly. “We believe the ability to develop sustainably is part of corporate competitiveness,” said Wang. Kim Dai believes responsible consumption and manufacturing extend beyond corporates’ enhancing their facilities, technologies, and management. Kim Dai promises to educate its consumers to make use of appropriate products and technologies to live an energy-efficient lifestyle and to contribute to sustainable communities.

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