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Charitable Declaration to Our Bright Future

Charitable Declaration To Our Bright Future

Springtime is around the corner.

Even though the beginning of this New Year has been tough,

we strongly believe that we will come through together, with hope and belief.

We believe that 

We will win the fight against Coronavirus!

Love goes beyond the boundaries

The future is bright!

CEO of GCSRF & ChildWise International LLC

Ms. Jing Zhao Cesarone

Global CSR Foundation

Together with ADMAN Group, China Academic Award

And everyone together for Wuhan, for China!


Mr. CHEN Zhongwei, Chairman

China Advertising Association

Mr. ZHANG Guohua, President

Film-Television and Communication College Of Shanghai Normal University

Mr. JIN Dinghai, Professor


Ms. MU Hong, CEO

China Lilang

Mr. HU Chengchu, Executive Director & Vice President

Heng An International

Mr. XU Zidan, Women’s Health Industry Development

China Post

MR. LI Shanchuan, General Manager


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