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Embody the light, become the love- CEO of GCSRF Ms. Zhao cited poem “Love and Harmony” at the parallel event of the 64th session of United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

Embody The Light, Become The Love- CEO Of GCSRF Ms. Zhao Cited Poem “Love And Harmony” At The Parallel Event Of The 64th Session Of United Nations Commission On The Status Of Women

On March 20th, 2020, 12PM Eastern Time, the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation (GCSRF) and African Views Organization co-sponsored a parallel event on the side of the 64th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW64). On the theme of “Gender Harmony and Corporate Social Responsibility”, Ms. Jing Zhao CESARONE, CEO of GCSRF, shared the latest progress and creative solutions with people around the world who are concerned with gender equality and the rights of women and girls.

Even though the parallel forum was changed to online, Ms. Zhao said, it cannot stop the global community’s determination to achieve gender equality and promote the development of women. In her speech, she emphasized that women and girls of all races and religions shall be free from violence, slavery and discrimination. She also emphasized that women and girls play a key role in ensuring the sustainability and improving the livelihoods of both family and society. The theme of this conference is “Gender Harmony and Corporate Social Responsibility”, which is an acknowledgement of the valuable contributions made by women all over the world. Our goal is to promote gender harmony and provide an important basis for corporate social responsibility as a strategy for sustainable peace and women’s rights.

COVID pandemic has triggered a global crisis. Ms. Zhao Jing recited the poem “Embody the Light, Become the Love” (English translation) for the participants, calling for “love and harmony” to resolve the crisis and unite humanity for a shared destiny. The original Chinese poem “Embody the Light, Become the Love ” was written by Master Hongtai, the heir of Chinese culture and an advocate of world peace, Ms. Zhao translated it into English.

Right before the recital, Ms. Zhao explained: “Throughout 5000-year history, love and harmony has always been an integral part of our Chinese culture. This poem is dedicated to those who are fighting against the COVID-19 around the world and it will inspire everyone to stay strong and in high spirits. “

Ms. Zhao’s speech, recitations, and her concerns and thoughts about the current global situation were warmly endorsed by the participants. Her fellow host, Dr. Padmini MURTHY of the DPI NGO Executive Committee, praised Jing for her inspiring words and firm faith in women’s empowerment.

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