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GCSRS Beijing Forum

GCSRS Beijing Forum

On March 30th, The GCSRS Beijing Forum, co-organized by the Global CSR Foundation, the China-US Chamber of Commerce, and HSBC Social Enterprise Facilitation Program was held in Beijing to bring together Chinese companies that actively contribute to international CSR and sustainable development initiatives.

Noted attendees at the summit ranged from China Social Enterprise Foundation, Social Entrepreneur’s Star, China Education Online, Global Committee for CCTF, Alliance for Good, CulNo Tech, and Starbridge Cultural.

The Beijing Summit invited Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, government departments, representatives of important social organizations, and internationally renowned professionals to discuss the latest developments and innovative practices of Chinese companies in the areas of investment, public welfare, innovation and education.

Panels had in-depth exchanges on three different themes: “Social Responsibility and the Impact Investment of Chinese Enterprises”, “The Latest Practices of Social Influence Entrepreneurship in China”, and “Sustainable Development Education and China’s Educational Innovation Direction”.

Gary Dvorchak, Managing Director of the Blueshirt Group, was inducted as a board member to the GCSRF. Five Committees were also launched at the Summit: Youth Leadership, Future Technology, Innovation, New Media Center, and the Cultural Exchange Committee.

Jing Zhao Cesarone, CEO of the Global CSR Foundation, said that “In this era, we all have our own roles and responsibilities. However, we must together see the big picture, take action, and act together united, to create a better world – one that belongs to us and our actions. A new world of prosperity.”

The GCSRF is committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals; co-hosting the Beijing Forum with other co-sponsors was another step towards building a more sustainable future. By engaging global leaders together to build a smart shared network, one that transcends time, the GCSRF is creating value for tomorrow, today.

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