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Inspirational Her – Xi’an

Inspirational Her – Xi’an

April 18th – Xi’an The Global CSR Foundation recently attended the “Inspirational Her” 2019  China Women’s Leadership Summit held by Zhaopin Recruitment in Beijing to promote the long-term development of women in the workplace (SDG goal #5: Gender Equality).

The event featured women leaders from different industries, discussing with other women in the workplace social cognition and self-awareness. Thousands of working women nearly 100 domestic media companies attended the event to discuss the status and development of women in the workplace.

Jing Zhao Cesarone, CEO of the Global CSR Foundation, said at the summit that, “achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, boys and girls. It is everyone’s responsibility.”

So far, the “Inspirational Her” China Women’s Leadership Summit has been successfully held three times, and has hosted UN Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, Dai Dawei; former UNICEF National Program Director Julia Broussard; former fashion group president Su Mang; famous director Li Shaohong;  founding managing partner of Zi Niu Capital Zhang Quanling; Liu Nan, founder of honey buds, Ma Weiwei, vice chairman of Miguo Culture, Liu Wei, former head of Uber China, and other elites from different fields gathered together. These female leaders shared their career history, life sentiment, and perspectives – together exploring the past, present, and future development of women in the workplace.

Zhaopin formed a strategic cooperation agreement with UN Women’s Agency in 2017, special support from the Women’s Workplace Gender Equality Project organization, and has supported the Women’s Forum.

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