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Jing Zhao Cesarone: CSR+SDGs — Global Trends and New Opportunities of Corporate Social Responsibility

Jing Zhao Cesarone: CSR+SDGs — Global Trends And New Opportunities Of Corporate Social Responsibility
Jing Zhao, CEO of GCSRF, delivered a speech as a special guest

On November 21, the “Global Corporate Sustainable Competitiveness Summit” was held at the Media Center of China Radio Group in Beijing. The Global Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation (GCSRF) is the exclusive strategic partner of this forum. CEO Ms. Jing Zhao Cesarone was invited to speak as a VIP guest speaker. Her remarks was titled “CSR + SDGs: International Trends and New Opportunities for corporate social responsibility (CSR)”.

Jing started out by sharing the international trend for CSR. The CSR reporting rate among Fortune 250 companies rate reached 93%. This is a huge progress made by global enterprises, and it also shows that the CSR report is the common choice of the world’s most advanced and largest enterprises. If companies ignore sustainable development, the common destiny of mankind will be worrisome. If companies do not take action, they will gradually be left behind by their peers.

Jing emphasized that Chinese enterprises have huge opportunities in sustainable development, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is an excellent entry point. These goals are part of the global discourse on sustainable development. SDGs cover all areas of human activities, which indicates that enterprises have become a key player in international development, and are invited by the United Nations to participate. Identifying core development goals and helping the world achieve SDGs through meaningful contributions is a major opportunity for companies. Because each enterprise can make use of its unique technical or product advantages to achieve sustainability. In return, it will benefit the enterprises, the industries and the society at large.

Jing reviewed the recently concluded 2019 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Summit, a live example of gravitating forces to take better actions and promote more substantial progress. One of the topics was how to promote the achievement of UN SDGs through business growth, and how companies can actively innovate and provide successful case studies and practical experiences for sustainable development.

In the future, GCSRF will launch many specialized training programs. The immediate two focus on CSR leadership and capacity building for the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). In order to meet the increasing demands of Chinese enterprises, GCSRF will leverage its premium expert database and global network to customize training programs for internationalizing Chinese enterprises. Based on its unique growth period and development needs, the training program will effectively integrate class-room lectures, case studies, institutional visits and action plans. At the same time, the Foundation brings together sustainable practitioners from within the industry to build a tight social network, learning from each other and growing side by side, forming life-long friendship.

In addition, the Foundation plans to establish an independent think tank to launch Chinese and English knowledge content. It will invite thought leaders and experts in CSR, ESG, sustainable development and impact investment to join an expanding network of experts, jointly use the Foundation’s expansive platform between China and the United States to consolidate and increase their influence, as well as spread CSR thinking to leading entrepreneurs and the general public.

On the same day, Ms. Zhao attended the opening ceremony of the newly established “Rongzhi College”, founded by the organizer Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Institute. The Rongzhi Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility extended an invitation to Ms. Zhao as an expert of the “Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Institute Rongzhi College” for a two-year term.

Rongzhi awarded Jing Zhao letter of appointment

Concurrent with the Summit, the 2019 Global Enterprise Sustainable Competitiveness Award Ceremony also held. Ms. Zhao and Mr. Wang Xiaoguang, Dean of Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute, jointly awarded the 2019 Global Corporate Social Responsibility Summit Corporate Exhibition Certificate to five Chinese companies, as well as the Outstanding Enterprise Award for Excellence in Sustainable Compliance Management. The award is not only an affirmation of the company’s achievements, but also an encouragement to its future development. It symbolizes the paramount value of high-quality, sustainable development.

Jing Zhao(right) and Xiaoguang Wang(left), Director of Rongzhi, present award to the winner.

The Global Corporate Social Responsibility Foundation holds a long-term vision and works on today. It hopes to introduce China’s outstanding CSR cases and accomplishments to global platforms, and encourage more Chinese companies to effectively and efficiently participate in global sustainable development.

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