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World Women’s Organization ASEAN Summit: GCSRF President Jing Zhao Cesarone attended the Malaysian Parliament to Co-organize 2020 World Women Conference

World Women’s Organization ASEAN Summit: GCSRF President Jing Zhao Cesarone Attended The Malaysian Parliament To Co-organize 2020 World Women Conference
Jing Zhao (right), CEO of GCSRF, has been invited to the ASEAN Summit, had a meeting with the Secretary-General of the World Women Organization, Angela Luo(left).

The World Women Conference (also known as the “United Nations World Women Conference”) is an important convention for women’s organizations worldwide. Women’s issue has always been one of the priorities of the United Nations in the field of society and development. To date, UN had convened four World Women’s Congresses. In 1972, at the 24th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, the year 1975 was designated as the “International Year of Women”, and the first inter-governmental world summit on women’s issues was held, which was the First World Conference on Women.

The ASEAN Summit was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Jing Zhao (second from the right), CEO of GCSRF was invited to attend.

The ASEAN Summit, hosted by the World Women Organization, is the preparatory meeting for the 2020 United Nations World Conference on Women. The summit themed upon the 5th United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: “Achieve Gender Equality and Empower All Women and Girls”. It attracted over 20 world leaders who are concerned with empowering women to conduct in-depth discussions on conference preparations as well as the development of World Women Organization.

Mr. Tian Chua, Vice President of Malaysia’s People’s Justice Party, warmly welcome Jing Zhao(right), CEO of GCSRF

Mr. Tian Chua, Vice President of Malaysia’s People’s Justice Party, attended the summit and interacted cordially with the guests. He commented that Malaysia is the meeting point of Eastern and Western civilizations. He welcomes and encourages world leaders join Ms. Angela Luo, Secretary General of the World Women Organization, to have in-depth exchanges and explore opportunities for cooperation and development of women’s causes worldwide.

Ms. Jing Zhao commented that equal rights for women is a basic principle of the United Nations. Although 143 countries have promised to include gender equality in their Constitution by 2014, still, 52 countries have not yet fulfilled the promise. She pointed out that writing gender equality down on paper does not mean discrimination against women is eliminated completely. She thanked World Women Organization for hosting ASEAN Summit. Not only it is an act of care for women, it also helps governments to formulate relevant policies, unite women worldwide to promote the development of women’s rights.

Ms. Jing Zhao is an outstanding multinational business leader and international activist. With more than 20 years of experiences in cross-cultural communication, public diplomacy, and US-China cross-border investment, she founded GCSRF to operate a number of UN Sustainable Development Goal-related projects, focusing on women’s empowerment, Early childhood education and youth leadership.

Mohamed Rashid, Vice Chairman of the Malaysian Parliament and Angela Luo, ecretary-General of the World Women Organization meet had a meeting with Jing Zhao(left), CEO of GCSRF.

After the ASEAN Summit, Jing was invited by Malaysian Parliament to meet with Vice Chairman of the Malaysian Parliament, Mohamed Rashid, and the Secretary-General of the World Women Organization, Angela Luo. Angela is UN’s goodwill ambassador, mentored by the late United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. At the parliament, Jing and the Malaysian national authorities discussed cooperation on women’s empowerment.

The Vice-Chairman of the Malaysian Parliament, Mohamad Rashid, met with the delegation. He said that the visit organized by the World Women Organization had a significant impact on the entrepreneurs in forming their world views and economic outlook. Especially with Chinese entrepreneurs from leading business schools. He is personally interested in understanding the industrial development in China and promoting a better China-Malaysia economic relations.

About WWO

World Women Organization is officially registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It is a tier-one international organization that provides help and support for the growth and development of women worldwide. Through exchanging work plans and innovative policies by women leaders worldwide, WWO promotes the shared goal of increasing women’s economic participation.

The mission of WWO is to promote the unity and progress of women in the world, to facilitate connection with outstanding women leaders who have prestige and influence in the political, economic, cultural, educational and other fields around the world, to inspire women’s passion and vitality in various fields, and to improve the status of women in politics, economy, culture, education and other social activities.

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